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Important: Upcoming Changes for New Relic Servers



New Relic Servers and the legacy alerting features will reach End-Of Life (EOL) on May 15th, 2018 for those customers who have a paid subscription to one or more of our products. For customers who do not have a paid subscription to one or more of our products, the EOL date will be November 14, 2017. Also, New Relic Alerts will be removed on November 14, 2017 from accounts that do not have a paid subscription.

After the EOL date, New Relic Servers and the legacy alerting features will no longer be available in the New Relic user interface and data processing will stop. Also, New Relic alerts will only be available for paying accounts and will be removed from non-paying accounts starting on the EOL date.

This was not an easy decision for us, but the fact is that we have newer products with better features that have been designed to meet our customer needs, and we will be investing in these products going forward. New Relic Infrastructure was released last November and provides many more benefits as compared to New Relic Servers including: configuration change tracking, lightning fast, real-time software inventory visibility, native AWS support, and more. It enables full stack visibility for all your dynamically changing systems and the application they support.

Likewise, the capabilities previously available with our legacy alerting features have been replaced and superseded by New Relic Alerts. New Relic Alerts are now more tightly integrated into customer’s entire data set and provide the ability to get broader, deeper monitoring to solve problems faster.

In order to assist you with the transition to these new products, we have created some resources we hope will be helpful.

Servers and legacy alerts users should also register for these upcoming webinars or catch the replay by clicking on the links below.

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