IMPORTANT: Upcoming Changes To Supported Agent Versions

In order to bring the New Relic agents into alignment with our published end-of-life (EOL) policies, we will begin removing support and rejecting traffic for specific out-dated agent versions. While we understand that this may be inconvenient, the fact is that failing to upgrade agents, especially over long periods of time, introduces risk to your environment as out-of-date agents do not include performance enhancements and/or bug fixes.

As of July 29 2019, agents with the versions prior to the below listed table will no longer be allowed to post data to the New Relic ingest systems and data from them will be actively rejected.

Language EOL Agent Versions Prior to: Agent Version as of 4/11/2019
Java 3.6.0, except ver 2.21.7 4.12.1
.NET 5.1
Nodejs 1.14.1 5.6.3
Python 2.42.0
Ruby 3.9.6

Applications being monitored by agents prior to those listed in the table above will no longer populate charts and graphs in the New Relic UI and they will receive a disconnect command from the New Relic ingest pipeline. Best practice is to remove or upgrade the agents to recent versions both in your environment and in any auto-scaling scripts.

In order to identify the versions of agents currently being used by your account, you can run the following Insights query from your Master account:

SELECT agentVersion, agentLanguage, applicationNames, hostName, ipAddress, message from NrIntegrationError where newRelicFeature = 'APM Agents' and category = 'Unsupported Agent' limit 1000 since 1 hour ago

Agents found in the report must be removed/upgraded, and any references to the old versions removed from auto-scaling scripts. While our agents will receive a shutdown command, there may be other logic and setup outside of the New Relic agent that may interfere with normal operation. Some agent versions that should be upgraded will not be included in the report. The omitted versions that should be updated include PHP versions from to and .NET versions from to

Each language agent has their own upgrade recommendations and instructions. Those can be viewed in the New Relic Release Notes for each language agent. Language specific upgrade instructions can found in the following: Java, .NET, Node.js, Python, Ruby, and PHP

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your account executive or customer success manager.


With July 29, 2019 fast approaching, here are some important timeline and expectations regarding the upcoming end-of-life.

Timeline and Expectations:

July 24-25, 2019: Last notification

You will receive a last notification via email.

July 29, 2019: The official EOL date!

New Relic will no longer accept connection from EOL’d agents. If you are not ready to upgrade the New Relic agents, please contact your account executive or customer success manager as soon as possible.

October 28, 2019: The extension EOL date

For customers that have asked for an extension, traffic from old agents will no longer be accepted after October 28, 2019.

As stated above, the NRQL query will capture most, but not all of the agent version that need to be updated. Some .NET and PHP agents will not be included in the report.


On October 29, 2019 at 10am PST, traffic from accounts that received an extension will be no longer accepted. Upon any agent re-connects, the EOL agents will no longer be able to communicate with New Relic.

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