Important: Upcoming New Relic server certificate update will impact most users of Java agent version 6.1, and a few users of Java agent version 6.2.0 to 6.4.2

@surya_yaramada if you’re using an agent version and configuration that is affected by the issue, your agent will lose connectivity to New Relic after the update on the 12th. This won’t affect your application itself but it will affect observability.

Remember that per the guidance we provided, there are mitigation paths other than upgrading your agent, if you prefer. However, all the mitigation approaches will require action of some kind to be taken before the 12th.

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Do you know the exact change windows for the cert update? I know the start time is April 12, 2021 10am PST. What will the end time be?

Appreciate if you can share some info there as we need to arrange internal resources to validate all the impacted production apps.

Thank you!

Kelvin Li


The update will occur at 10am PDT. It only takes a few minutes for the steps to be completed and for the endpoints to be updated so from a practical perspective, it will be nearly instantaneous.

Remember that while affected agents that haven’t been updated will be impacted, the applications themselves will not be affected.

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Hi @kevynford
Thanks for your reply and confirmation.

Is the server to perform cert update?

it seems to have expiration day on April 16, 2021 for <*>, that’s probably why post-pone is not possible as April 12 is quite close to the expiration date.

Thank you!


The SSL/TLS certificates described in our post have been updated.

For affected agents that have been remediated, there should be no connectivity impact. For those that have not yet been remediated, they will lose connectivity to our platform - depending on your situation, please take one of the actions mentioned in the post.

If any additional support is needed, please work through normal support channels.

@kevynford: Can we have a query to provide us some query or any way we could check how many apps and servers still we need to update certs? The query support provided us(SELECT * FROM NrIntegrationError WHERE name = ‘ConfigurationChangeRequired’ LIMIT MAX SINCE 3 days ago) for verification, that we are getting mixed results after every few days.