Improvements to Error analytics page!

Largely due to the feedback we’ve heard here in this forum, we are happy to announce some improvements to the Error analytics page for applications that support filtering and grouping errors. The error rate chart is now at the top of the page to provide top-level context of the overall health of your app, including a tooltip with the total error count for any point on the graph. To pull the Error trace details further into view, we made the trace table the default, and we also removed the second faceted chart on the page. We brought back the grouping of Error details by Transaction name and error class, and restored the summary number for each group. With this layout, it’s clearer how the total number of errors for the application breaks down by different values as you work with the table. While we were at it, we made some quality improvements.

Details have been updated in our docs here, here and here.

You’ve asked for more, and we have more improvements coming in the future. For example, we have plans for a “Similar errors” view. We also need to add deploy markers to charts, and add the ability to filter by multiple criteria from the same category.

Please keep the feedback coming!


Hi @scarpenter - As I have commented on another thread, until the .Net agent supports TransactionError events, I cannot see much in the way of improvement.

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I hear you, @stefan_garnham. We are looking forward to getting this capability into the .NET agent.

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We’ve added some detailed Release Notes for the changes as well!

I keep getting “No error traces matched your search criteria” when I go to Error Analytics / Stack traces. If I go to the Error frequency page I can see that there have been hundreds of errors during the given time span …

@magnus.johansson - thanks for your comment! For the .NET agent, which it looks like your applications are using, the Errors page is going to continue to be the best option for now, as there isn’t full support for the new Analytics view. You should be able to see all your traces there.

I’m quite sure there have been some recent change in the new Error analytics view regarding the error traces, cause there used to be error traces on that page. Yes, we are using the .NET agent, but we’ve been using it for many months now.

@magnus.johansson - you are quite right! I’m sorry I skipped over that bit in your post. This is an issue we are working on currently - thanks for raising it. The traces should be back there soon - but in the meantime, the error frequency heatmap (second tab in the table) or the Errors page are the best options.

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@magnus.johansson Hi Magnus - just wanted to let you know that we have fixed the issue you were experiencing with error traces. Let us know if you have any other questions about this issue :slight_smile: