Incident and Events generate report

Hi Team,

I wanted to generate a report of total monthly incidents and events. could you please explain to me to take a report?

Thank you

Hi @manju300690, welcome to the Explorers Hub. If you want to start making performance reports, I think a good place to start would be reading this documentation.

Let me know if this helps.

Hi @nmcnamara, thank you for the quick response. I was trying to preparing a consolidated monthly incident and event report to get how frequent issues occurred and if you have any documents kindly share them with me. it is easy for me to take action according to it to reduce the critical alerts/incidents.

Thank you

Hi @manju300690, unfortunately the reports are not customisable so to the best of my knowledge, you would need to rely on the weekly reports I’ve linked above.

Hopefully someone else on the community has a workaround for this and shares it.

Hi @nmcnamara, let me go through the weekly report. kindly share the link with me. I will revert back once view the link. Thank you

Apologies @manju300690, i had it hyperlinked above but I realise that it an be hard to see. You can read through the weekly report documentation here: