Incident Report

I want to take a report of From xxxx date to To xxxx date.

Please help on this.

Thanks in Advance

Hi @srinivas,

Can you please provide more detail on what you’re asking for? When looking at the reports for Server, it is possible to use custom dates, so it’s not clear what you wish to do outside of that functionality.

Hi Kyle,

I want to take the report of All the events / All the Incidents From xxxx date to To xxxx date.

I could not see any such option available in New Relic.

Please help on this.



It is only possible to manually page through alert events and incidents in the Servers product. However, it is possible to set a custom timeframe for viewing alerting events using our Infrastructure product.

To do this in Infrastructure, go to the Events tab and use the dropdown in the timepicker to enter your own custom time window, then select alerts to only show alerting events (or scope in to any mix of event types you’re interested in).