Include/exclude namespaces for NR infrastructure/pixie


We are trying to install new relic with pixie by helm command :

kubectl apply -f && \ 2helm repo add newrelic && \ 3kubectl create namespace newrelic ; helm upgrade --install newrelic-bundle newrelic/nri-bundle \ 4 --set global.licenseKey=<NR license key here> \ 5 --set global.cluster=<K8S cluster name here> \ 6 --namespace=newrelic \ 7 --set newrelic-infrastructure.privileged=true \ 8 --set ksm.enabled=true \ 9 --set prometheus.enabled=true \ 10 --set kubeEvents.enabled=true \ 11 --set logging.enabled=false \ 12 --set newrelic-pixie.enabled=true \ 13 --set newrelic-pixie.apiKey=<pixie API key here> \ 14 --set pixie-chart.enabled=true \ 15 --set pixie-chart.deployKey=<pixie deploy key here> \ 16 --set pixie-chart.clusterName=<K8S cluster name here>

Can we exclude specific namespaces from the new relic infrastructure scanner as well as pixie ? If so , how can we achieve this via helm deployment/installation ?


Hello, you may exclude namespaces or pods from the Pixie installation. For pods you can choose either names or labels as an exclusion method.

See directions for chart configuration to achieve this:

For the infrastructure agent/base Kubernetes integration, please see this discussion - you can configure service monitoring based on pod labels, or configure tolerations to restrict deployment of the agent.