Inconsistent data returned for Insights query

Hi support,

We have noticed when running the following Insights query, the data that comes back seems to differ on a daily basis:

SELECT average(loadAverageFiveMinute) as 'loadAverageFiveMinute' FROM SystemSample TIMESERIES FACET entityId since '2020-12-17 12:00:00' until '2021-01-24 12:00:00' LIMIT 4

Using the NR query builder, running it on 25th March gave this graph:

However, when running it the following day on 26th March, it gave this graph where the first few data points are different:

Given that we are specifying a fixed date time range in the past, we expect the same data to come back - is this not correct?


Looks like maybe you are bumping up to your retention period fall off.

Thanks for sharing with the community @mike.johnson! Hopefully some of our members will have an idea of what’s going on.