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Inconsistent error when validating my script



Hello! I’ve been working on a monitor for a website an about half of my validation attempts i get this error (Error: unknown error: failed to change window state to normal, current state is maximized). To get the monitor to work I used this code I found ($browser.manage().window().setSize(2880, 1800) but ever since then I get the window size error. The issue its not consistent and to fix it I just validate the script again. I also get this error INTERNAL ENGINE ERROR ([1899395/c624c156-c53a-4da7-b98c-eb0fe6471169/23dde2cb-a0e2-4cb3-84d8-8165dd8fce85] - code: 22) which I am not sure if they are linked or not.

Any help is appreciated !!



Hi, @cmeans: Unfortunately, current versions of Chrome no longer allow JavaScript to change the size of the main browser window. The workaround is to use $browser.executeScript() to open your target page in a popup window of the desired size, then switch to that window to execute the remainder of your script. Example here:


Thanks for the help!!


Do you happen to know why the other error shows up from time to time? INTERNAL ENGINE ERROR ([1899395/c624c156-c53a-4da7-b98c-eb0fe6471169/23dde2cb-a0e2-4cb3-84d8-8165dd8fce85] - code: 22)


No, unfortunately I am not familiar with that error.