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Increase the NRQL rows limit to more than 1000 records



The NRQL limitation to Select max 1k rows in a single query creates some difficulties for us when we are trying to fetch information from the New Relic Insights;

We will happy if you can increase the 1k limitation?



Hi @shay.elkana - Can you clarify, are you extracting the data from Insights using the CSV export option; displaying the data in a dashboard or using the Insights API?

What is the use case that requires more than 1000 rows to be returned?


Hey @shay.elkana - increasing the 1000 rows limitation is not currently possible. That said depending on your use case (as pointed out by Stefan), you may be able to workaround this.

For example, utilising the Insights Event Query API you can return more results and use pagination to sort through them.

For now though, the 1000 limit is not increasable, I’d recommend adding your use case and vote over here: