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Infrastructure Agent Proxy Issues




I’m currently trying to install the New Relic infrastructure agent on windows. The agent starts successfully however I’m encountering some issues with the proxy configuration.


level=error msg=“can’t reach the New Relic collector” component=AgentService error=“Head proxyconnect tcp: EOF” service=newrelic-infra


display_name: *******
ignore_system_proxy: true
license_key: license_key
proxy: https://domain\username:password@***********:****
log_file: path to logs

I’ve tried the proxy authetication removing the domain before username however still run into the same issue.

Hopefully you can help.



Hello @rhalliwell, This appears to be a network related issue.

I see you have a ticket opened with us. Please do post back here when you get a resolution to your ticket :smiley:



I aimed the infrastructure agent at a different proxy and it worked perfectly. :grinning:

However still yet to find out why the APM agent works with the initial proxy settings yet the infrastructure agent doesn’t? I think it might be down to how the separate agents parse the YML files.