Infrastructure alert for process not running not triggering

Good day,

I have an infrastructure alert for process not running that does not trigger when the conditions are met:

Equivalent alerts with NRQL are not triggering either:

Infrastructure alerts for processes not running including the same process but hosts with different tagging seems to be working as expected.

Any ideas about what could be the issue here?

Thank you!

Hi @Enrique.Peregrin1

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are having a great Tuesday!

Thank you for the well structured post, the links and screenshots really give great context to the issue at hand.

I will go ahead and loop in an Alerts Engineer here, as this is a real head scratcher for me. While we are waiting for the Engineer to triage perhaps the following doc Alerts best practices | New Relic Documentation and especially Infrastructure monitoring best practices guide | New Relic Documentation may be worth having a look at to make sure you are hitting all the right spots.

Please not the engineer will reach out via this post with their findings.

All followup questions and findings are welcomed, please reach out if you have new findings.

Hey @Enrique.Peregrin1 hope you’re doing well today.

Could you try changing your loss of signal configuration from “close all open violations” to “open signal loss violation”? Also I would take out the fill data gaps configuration you have currently.

Also, it doesn’t look like any violations are happening right now when I’m looking at this case. Could you tell me a date/time/timezone and hostname when you think there should have been a violation but no incident opened?

I look forward to hearing back and getting this resolved