Infrastructure Integrations Cost Breakdown

What would be the best way to query for usage break down per integration to identify what infrastructure integration is contributing to high usage?
The NrConsumption table is useful to identify what service but if I want to know what integration itself, what is the best way to query for this information? to be able to facet integration name?

Any suggestions?

Hi @rashmi.modhwadia - good question!

You can view the amount of data ingested down to the event type from your own account. So by listing an integration’s specific event type(s) you should be able to get the total amount of data ingested for that integration. For example, by listing all the Kubernetes Integration specific event types documented here I can query the amount of data ingested in the last day per cluster by introducing a FACET and SINCE clause:

FROM K8sClusterSample, K8sContainerSample, K8sDaemonsetSample, K8sDeploymentSample, K8sEndpointSample, K8sNamespaceSample, K8sNodeSample, K8sPodSample, K8sReplicasetSample, K8sServiceSample, K8sStatefulsetSample, K8sVolumeSample SELECT bytecountestimate()/10e8 as 'GB Estimate' FACET clusterName SINCE 1 day ago

I believe the same approach can be used for other integrations.


Thanks, This kinda helped. :slight_smile:

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hi @woppermann
Is there a way to check the logs consubed by app(label)? I am unable to calculate logs consumption per application.

Hi @rashmi.modhwadia - you can view the amount of data ingested by APM application with the query below if that helps:

SELECT bytecountestimate()/10e8 as 'APM GB Estimate' FROM Transaction, TransactionError FACET appName SINCE 1 day ago