Infrastructure monitoring & Logs monitoring using Infra agent

  1. Infrastructure should be monitor using Account A
  2. Logs should be monitor using Account B
  3. In some cases, We also are required infrastructure data should go into both the New-Relic accounts A & B

please get us the right info if this requirement can be fulfilled.

Hi @sagarme.adepu,

Since the Infrastructure Agent configuration for license_key only accepts a 40-character hexadecimal string, it is not possible to split data reporting between two different accounts. Here is the code for this:

# Option : license_key
# Value  : 40-character hexadecimal string provided by New Relic. This is the
#          only required value in your config file.
# Default: none
license_key: your_license_key

You could use the Event API to export and import events between accounts, but that sounds a little tedious. Here is a document about this: Introduction to the Event API | New Relic Documentation

Could you tell us a little more about your use case and reasoning between dividing this data into two different accounts?