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Infrastructure Trial Subscription Error


Signed up for a trial of the infrastructure monitoring to test k8 monitoring. I’m getting the following error in my newrelic pods:

time="2018-06-26T18:08:45Z" level=error msg="metric sender can't process 0 times" error="InventoryIngest: events were not accepted: 403 403 Forbidden Invalid Subscription"

I’ve filled in the env var with my account license key under “NIRA_LICENSE_KEY” as instructed, but no luck.


@david.moran Did you activate your trial for New Relic Infrastructure? You have to go to the Infrastructure tab and click “start trial”.
It can take some minutes to activate then the error will disappear and your data will be visible in New Relic.


Thanks. It does look like it just needed some time. Data is being ingested correctly now.


Great news! Thanks for the update.