Ingested data volume for Metric category is too large >5GB per day


We are observing high data ingested in new relic only for Metric data as a source. The rest of other data sources is fine. Is there any way we can reduce that? On a daily basis >5GB data only for Metrics are coming.

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Hi @abhinav3 Here’s a great resource from our docs site on reducing day usage: Manage data coming into New Relic

Thanks for the prompt response @JoiConverse.

Actually I went through the docs. I can easily co-relate with other datasources like Infrastructure integrations, APM, Tracing, Browser, and Logging. But In the case of Metrics as a data source not sure where to configure those values in NewRelic one console.

@abhinav3 Gotcha :slight_smile: I will need to reach out to our support team to get some further insights for you on the proper configuration. Stay tuned!

Thanks, @JoiConverse :pray:

It would be really good if we could break down the ingest usage by which metric is actually using that ingest. Right now its very hard to workout which metrics data dropping rules should be used with.

What if we can drop all data in Metric API. I can see we are not using those as of now.

So I was using the k8s integration and just turned off the prometheus integration which dropped all metrics.

@abhinav3 - If you are not using any of the metric data ingested via the Metric API you can certainly stop sending the data by disabling whatever method you are using to send it. Unfortunately we won’t be able to delete the data you have already sent unless it includes PII or other sensitive data. Otherwise you can either reduce the frequency at which you are sending the data or reduce the size of the payload.

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I am looking for same solution to breakdown of metrics and logging source , Did you get any ? @JoiConverse

What metrics is prometheus collecting? Our services are using statsd so it should be okay to get rid of it right?