Ingesting Cloudwatch logs to New Relic in JSON

Hi Everyone,

I am using a lambda function to ship my Cloudwatch logs from Lambda to New relic. The following is the link of the function that i am trying to use:

Lambda Function

However all the log is being sent over in the format of a a string, but i would like to enable the transport as a json object so that i can trigger queries over the same.

Hi @engineering56 - We don’t have any way to alter how the Cloudwatch function sends logs unfortunately (although the code for the function itself could be modified in Lambda). But I did want to check, are your logs already JSON-formatted?

Our ingest point will automatically parse JSON logs as long as they are pure JSON with no leading or trailing text. So if you are able to get your logs to that point then they should be automatically parsed into individual attributes once they reach New Relic. Would that be an option for you?