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Insights API does not like my JSON



I’m trying to send some custom events from inside my PHP application to Insights as events so that I can make dashboards.

I can see that the events are going to Insights but they don’t end up in custom event buckets, they go to the NrIntegrationError bucket with the error message: Error parsing JSON payload

I’ve browsed the docs and the relevant portion here gives a JSON example:

In my PHP code, I’m not using cURL because we use the GuzzleHttp client:

How does Insights want me to format my JSON? This is what it looks like in my debugger session:



Well I fixed my own issue.
My body is $body = \json_encode(['eventType' => 'Test', 'accountId' => 1862996, 'message' => 'hello']);

And I had to gzencode it:
GuzzleHttp\RequestOptions::BODY => \gzencode($body)

Now it goes through to Insights just fine!


Thanks so much for confirming you got this figured out! :smiley: Let us know if there’s anything else the community can help with