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Insights Best Practices when using "Pageview" or "BrowserInteraction"


To build a purchase checker and/or an order funnel in Insights it is better to use:

  • Pageurl FROM Pageview;
  • targetUrl FROM BrowserInteraction;
  • Something Else;

I run some test and the aggregated results are almost identical; then I dug a bit deeper and started monitoring the transaction story of some sample sessions and the results are… Puzzling.

Can someone please explain to me the difference (and the interactions going on) between those two components?


Hey @jlelli, whether you should write a funnel query using PageView or BrowserInteraction depends on the structure of your application. If any the funnel steps you are trying to track occur asynchronously, without the page reloading, you should probably use BrowserInteraction data.

PageView events are generated when a page instrumented with the Browser Agent loads.

BrowserInteraction events are generated when the page initially loads, after a route change and whenever a custom interaction is triggered by the SPA API.

If you have any activity that occurs between page loads which you would like to track in the funnel query, use BrowserInteraction events.

Depending on your URL structure, targetUrl could definitely work. Any of the three BrowserInteraction attributes that start with target are different representations of the application’s URL state at the end of the interaction:

I hope that helps! I would be interested to know if you run into any other issues in this process, or if I can clarify any other odd results. Cheers!


Thanks @amasten for the exhaustive explanation.

We are using NR to monitor a WebSphere Commerce App that has a lot of custom code in it; so i will need more tests and time to properly tune the monitoring. For now I think i will set up a funnel in both ways and compare the results.

Thanks again for the support


Funnels sound like a good next step for you - let us know how it goes :smiley: