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Insights Custom Attributes limit?


I have been recording some data using NR’s custom attribute, however i recently find out that some data get cut off once passed 255 char limit

Is there a size limit for custom attributes’ values? From this website it says i can view the full value when switching to JSON

But i clicked on the JSON tab after running the query and the value is still being cut off, am i missing anything here?


Hi @Lnguyen,

When inserting custom events using the Insights Event API, the limits described in the wiki document you provided will apply. However, when adding custom attributes to an existing event type in an APM-instrumented application, the maximum length of an attribute will depend on which language agent you are using.

For most APM Agents, only the first 255 characters will be retained when adding custom attributes.

Are you adding custom attributes using an APM Agent, or is this data being sent to New Relic from elsewhere?