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Insights? Locked in Data? how to export to csv/ excel or google spreadsheets?



It seems that we aren’t able to easily download the data to present in excel, csv/ google spreadsheets. Am I missing something??

Is there any specific integration where I can pull out the data? and use it in another system without being locked in Insights?


Hi @mobilebloke,

This is something that we’ve heard as a request a number of times, but have not yet delivered as a feature for customers. What kind of info are you trying to get out as a CSV? It would be great to know a bit more about your use case.

In any event, there is a workaround that I use often:

  1. Run your query.
  2. Go to the JSON for the query (it’s the last tab in the query drawer).
  3. Copy the JSON.
  4. Go to this awesome JSON to CSV tool and paste your JSON.
  5. Download the CSV.

I know it’s not ideal but it does work like a charm. As I mentioned above, it’d be great to get some info about what you’re trying to accomplish here.




We are also looking at downloading from Insights to csv in order to then run additional reports from Excel. It may be that there is a smarter way to do this, but ultimately our (non tech) clients are generally more comfortable getting performance summaries and analysis from us in csv/Excel format.

In our specific case we are sending some custom data to NR (e.g. Account number, php session) which is then embedded in Insight reports/queries. If we want to summarise individual session/account performance experience it would be nice to export from Insights and summarise in Excel.

I’m not really a techie, so as I say there may be a smarter way to do this.


Hi @phil.p thanks for providing us more details into your use case. I’ve gone ahead and filed a feature request on your behalf to our product managers for this feature.

Exporting/copying all INSIGHTS data for use locally

Hi @hshapiro. I tried your solution but ran into a few problems. First, my query matches ~93k events but only 99 of them show up in the JSON code or in the sample table. Second, when I copy the JSON code to the nifty tool you recommended it builds a csv with one row. I’d rather 99 rows and as many columns as there are fields.

I’d love to be able to download a table with more than 99 events. Hope you are working on a solution to this. Better yet, perhaps you already have one that you can suggest today! :slightly_smiling:


@eric.taylor Have you tried the Insights Rest API yet?

It allows you to query your Insights data via our REST API using a standard NRQL query. This might be what you need to get the JSON size out you need. Bare in mind all REST API data is paginated so you may need to script functionality to move through the pages but it should work a bit more indepth than a limited result set in the UI.


@eric.taylor actually I’ve been conversing with a colleague who has informed me the Insights API is a REST request access to the same output you get from the Insights UI. So the results are expected to be the same. The pagination I mentioned is part of the APM REST API requests and I mixed up the two.

Is there a specific query you are using that is proving limiting. Would you be able to share the example query so we can try see if we can help you get a little bit more out of it.


Hi folks,

The Insights team is happy to let you know that you can now export up to 1000 results to a CSV file from any table widget in Insights with a single button click.

To export a query to CSV, follow these steps:

Run a query in Insights – note that you can only export queries that result in a table widget.

Click the “CSV” button in the query drawer.

Your data will download, and can now be opened in Excel.

Please check it out and let us know your thoughts!

All the best,
Henry, Insights PM


Hi Henry
I still only get the ability to export 100 rows rather than 1,000
Am I missing something?


Hi @nbarratt,

100 rows…I’m assuming you’ve set the LIMIT to 1000?


its ok - found it…


When i export the data to CSV in a different timezone than standard, the timestamps that I get are still in the standard timezone, instead of the timezone that I have set.


Hey @aum_rawat - the CSV export does export the underlying data, so timestamps will be in UTC. It shouldn’t be too difficult to convert them to your desired timezone afterwards by adding or subtracting your UTC offset, but we can certainly look into the possibility of providing the displayed times instead if that would be helpful!



  1. Is it possible to get CSV without logging in (like embeds)?
  2. Is it possible to send automatically (i.e. daily) an email with CSV attached to it?


I see there has been no response to the last question about how to get data from a widget into Excel if you are embedding widgets and not logging in directly to NewRelic where you would have access to RUN a query and get the CSV download option. The ability to simply copy/paste the output in a table widget to Excel and it would maintain the column/row relationships. It does not do that anymore. That was a reasonable workaround in the absence of a better solution.


Hi @mobilebloke

Have you tried the GL.Research Chrome Extension It quickly pulls out data from and puts them into a .CSV file.

Perhaps you can reverse engineer it?


Doesn’t work in this use case…Thanks though!


@maciej.matuszewski @Tidemark - So here is something I’ve used internally to do this conversion, basically using the Google Sheets ability to run custom javascript to query Insights and convert the results into a spreadsheet. If you wanted CSV, this could then be exported from Google Sheets directly. This particular example is added the results from a faceted query but you could do the same by simply modifying the data read from the json to read from a SELECT * FROM ... type of query.

var insightsQueryKey = "QUERYKEY",
    insightsAccount = "INSIGHTSACCOUNT",
    insightsQuery = "NRQLQUERY";

function queryInsights() {
  var parameters = {
    headers : {
      "X-Query-Key": insightsQueryKey,
      uri = ""+insightsAccount+"/query?nrql="+insightsQuery;
    var text = UrlFetchApp.fetch(uri,parameters).getContentText();
  var parsed = JSON.parse(text);
var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();
  for (var i=0; i < parsed.facets.length; i++) {
    for (var j=0; j <  parsed.facets[i].results[0].members.length; j++) {
      Logger.log("Adding " + parsed.facets[i].name + " : " + parsed.facets[i].results[0].members[j])
    sheet.appendRow([parsed.facets[i].name, parsed.facets[i].results[0].members[j]]);


Hi there,

It seems that the UI changed recently - I cannot no longer export a table to a CSV file, as the CSV button is not shown.

Does anyone know how do this?

Btw, the documentation is not up to date, as the >_ is not shown any more

Many thanks in advance for your help.


Hey Oliver,

You can still export a table to CSV :slight_smile: You can do this two ways:

Use the action menu (3 dots) to “View Query” (>_), run the query and then you will see the CSV button above the chart.


Use the action menu (3 dots) to “Edit Chart” it will bring up the chart modal, and then you will see the CSV button above the chart without having to rerun the query.