Inspected count limits for NRQL queries

Hi Team,

After insights has been brought down, we were using query builder and graphql for getting the desired output for the nrql queries. But compared to earlier it seems there’s a very limited events that the nrql queries on which ends up giving undesired output.

Could you please confirm on the limitation as of now for running these nrql queries, also what is the best alternative for insights as of now.

Please find below the sample nrql query used for the same:

SELECT filter(max(newrelic.timeslice.value), WHERE metricTimesliceName = ‘MemoryPool/Non-Heap/Metaspace/Used’) FROM Metric WHERE appName like ‘%_dev’ FACET appName limit max since 90 days ago

Hi Team,
Any updates on the above query?

What do you mean here?

Hi @6MM

I meant earlier we were able to query over million events at once, compared to now it’s just 100.
Let me know for further clarifications on the same.

There is nothing different. If you had events before you should have the same events now.

METRIC isn’t events unless you are sending something custom. The way you are using it you are querying aggregated metrics. You actually have more flexibility with some of these non event metrics that you used to have since you can now use NRQL with them. You could not do that before and you could not facet them etc with much control.

@6MM thanks for the clarification.