Install New Relic Infrastructure Agent


I have a Java Application which runs in Kubernetes and I want to install the New Relic Infrastructure Agent to forward the application logs.
I’ve been trying to make a Dockerfile with all the requirements to install the agent from this documentation but I wasn’t able to make it work because of an error when the agent was installing.

Also I saw the documentation to use a docker image from you but it doensn’t have log forwarder which is what I want.

So, I want to know which is the best way for me to install the Infrastructure Agent without rely on the API approach.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @testarodrigomaximili,

Thanks for reaching out.

If your end goal is to forward your Java application logs to New Relic you may use any of the supported forwarder listed below:

For example, you may implement Java logs in context.

In addition, you may use Fluent Bit log forwarder as a stand alone. Fluent Bit is the log forwarder that is bundled with the Infrastructure agent.

Or you may use Kubernetes plugin for log forwarding if that meets your use case. This also uses Fluent Bit as the log forwarder.