Installed agent - but no data is flowing


Installed .net Framework on a pair of server 2012 IIS hosts: worked great.

Installed the same .msi on the other pair of servers - supposedly identical, but the data is not being recieved, nothing generated in the NR event logs.

I downloaded and ran the diag routine, but it didn’t seem to create a ticket. Where can I go with this?

Hi @ReliamEng

A good place to start would be the doc here:

If you run into any specific sticking points, let us know.

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Hi @ReliamEng

Theres a couple of things you can check,

  1. After you set up everything did you run IISReset

  2. Is there anything appearing in your newelic/logs directory. If nothing appears then, your agent is not set up correctly. (You have alluded to this!)

  3. The next thing to check is if the Environmental Variables are set. So can you got to the cmd line and run set you should see entries similar to these -> If they are missing I would set about resolving any issues with Environmental values.

Can you let me know how you get on with trying those steps and then we can dig into this further

There’s a post for that!