Integrating multiple Kubernetes cluster with the same name

Hi !

I would like to integrate different cluster on my account. All of these cluster are EKS one but they are having the exact same name, I’ve 3 clusters for 3 differents env.
So when I try to import all of them I end up having in my NR console only 1 single Kubernetes cluster which has the content of the 3 env added.

Did someone already face this issue ?

Thanks again

Any help here please ?

Hi @baptiste.blanc, thanks for your question!

Since Amazon EKS instructs to use a unique name for your cluster when creating a cluster, New Relic anticipates that each cluster reporting data will have a unique name.

The data is stored in relation to the cluster it belongs to and uses the cluster name to initially determine where the data is coming from. Because you have multiple clusters with the exact same name, it is unable to determine which cluster the data belongs to and the data for all three clusters ends up under a single cluster name.

I hope this explains this behaviour, please let us know if you have any other questions!

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