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Integration with StatusPage based on NewRelic alerts



Has anyone got a working integration with StatusPage, the issue I’m having using the email integration method is the alerts are only sent when the critical threshold is reached and there is no way to customise their subject line. The built-in parsing of the email at StatusPage creates a major outage status for the component. We are using them for performance monitoring and just wish to set the status to degraded. I can’t seem to find any work around for achieving this??


Hi, @WebScale: You are correct that New Relic Alerts only sends a notification when the critical threshold is violated, and that is not possible to customize the text of the alert notification.

You might try writing some code to call New Relic’s REST API to get a list of open alert violations. You could then examine the priority of each violation and send different messages to StatusPage depending on whether it is a CRITICAL or WARNING violation.


I’ve had a similar problem; I ended up writing an API gateway / Lambda layer between new relic and to manage the stacked status changes for components, and to handle the eventual desynch that you’ll get with the email-only option new relic supports.

I strongly recommend this approach. Also - NR - y’all should do this out of the box.


@WebScale - let us know if @dsmolin’s workaround is something that could work for you :slight_smile:


Thanks @dsmolin - out of interest where do you host something like that though? If I host on our servers I’d be a bit worried it might be affected by whatever issue I’m trying to push to statuspage?


@WebScale You could achieve something like that with AWS Lambda, or a gateway API application hosted on AWS or Heroku or something like that :slight_smile:


Thanks @rdouglas I’ll look into the AWS Lambda option, that’s a good idea


Let us know how it goes :smiley: