I am attempting to validate a script to monitor an actuator health endpoint for my app from this monitor ( The script is as follows:

var options = {
    uri: [baseuri]/acutator/health,
    headers: {
    'Accept': 'application/json'

function callback (err, response, body){


when called, I receive the error INTERNAL ENGINE ERROR - code: 3

Also, when the script page loads for the monitor, the following errors display in the developer console:

All of these errors occur before any attempt by the script to send the get request to my endpoint occurs. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @peter_kohler -

Everything I see in the monitor you linked (in it’s current state), show’s no Internal Engine Errors.

The issues I see there are with parsing some < / > characters in the body.

I am curious if you could share some more information on the scenario with which you have seen internal engine errors.

Would you be able to share the full script? As well as some info on the location you are running this from? I’m curious if that’s a Private Location.

If it is a private location, please share some details on that minion, such as, is it a Containerised minion, or legacy VM minion, in addition, any detail on the current config of those minions.

For some context, an Internal Engine Error with code 3 in Synthetics means that Docker failed to create the container.

So if this is public minions we will need to look further into that. Thanks in advance for the extra info Peter. :slight_smile:

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Hi Ryan,

It appears we had accidentally switched the location to a public location after sending you this message. The problem we are having is when we try to use a private location. We don’t have many more details on the type of minion, but we will look into this and get back to you with more details.


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Thanks @peter_kohler - Any details you can get would be helpful :slight_smile:

Hello Ryan,
Would like to know if there is any solution for this issue. Even I am facing with the same error while validating my Scripted Browser.

Going through above comments, I could see something related to characters < / > in the body & I have something similar “>” in one of the fields. Is this because of this special character?

Hi @nagendrakunduri

Can I get a link to your monitor so I can take a look?