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Introducing New Relic's New Status Page


On Tuesday, October 29, New Relic launched our new status page (, designed to improve the way we share information during incidents.

Using the new status page, we can be more granular in defining the impact of an incident. It allows us to denote the region (data center) that is impacted. We can also specify the part of the platform might be experiencing UI irregularities or have alerting issues. Our new status page expands to also include our cloud integrations, so we can report on any issues those might be experiencing.

These improvements changed the underlying structure of the page, so we are asking people who subscribe to notifications from our status page to update their subscription using the new page. Through our new subscription process, you select the regions, products, and services that matter most to your business, and you only receive notifications related to what you select. If you would like to update your notification subscription or sign up for the first time, please take a moment to do that now.

(Refer to Statuspage’s help article for the difference between email and SMS alerts.)

On Wednesday, November 13 at 11:00am PST (6:00pm UTC), we will be deprecating our legacy page. Once that happens, only notifications from the new page will be sent. In order to continue receiving notifications regarding incidents, please complete the subscription steps prior to that date and time.

Have questions about the new subscription process? Experiencing any issues signing up for notifications? Comment below, and we’ll help you out!

How to: Ask a Question and Get it Answered

We use StatusPage Third Party components to automatically update our own Status Page with your updates. Looking at the configuration all it seems to show is the Legacy page and not the new one. We would still like to keep this integration available with the new page.


Hey @jean_89, you’re right. Our third party component appears to be associated with our legacy page. We’ll work on getting that updated to reflect our new status page. Hang tight and we’ll post an update once the issue is resolved.


Will the webhook be coming back, currently for messaging it just tells us to visit the support page ?


Hi @anscouler -

You can subscribe to Text Messages through the phone icon:

I’m not sure on webhooks - so I’ll let @rarmendariz confirm :slight_smile:


Following up again, @jean_89. We’ve escalated this issue to’s support team, and they’re looking into this!


Hey @anscouler! @RyanVeitch is correct that we offer email and SMS notifications for our status page. Additionally, there is an RSS feed for the page.

We do not offer webhook capabilities for our current page, nor our legacy page.


@jean_89 I’ve confirmed with’s support team that the third party component for our new page should be live and available for you. Let us know if you have any questions!