Introducing Streaming Data Export: Export your data for compliance and analysis

With New Relic Data Plus, you’re now able to export your real-time streaming telemetry data directly to external sources for your compliance and data analysis needs.

A streaming data export sends out data exclusively at ingestion by New Relic, so any data from the past 12 hours since ingestion. Streaming data is exported via Kinesis Firehose. You can set up custom NRQL-based rules through NerdGraph that govern which types of New Relic data you’ll stream through New Relic’s streaming data export.

Streaming data export can be used when you want to look at data at the time of ingestion. For example, you may want a steady stream of metrics and log data, so it can populate your data lake for easier analysis or AI/ML training. Or you may want a continuous data export for long-term retention for your compliance, legal, or security needs, so you don’t have to manually run historical data export queries every time it’s needed.

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