Introducing the New Relic Developer Champion Program

Hi, Explorers!

Today is the official launch of the New Relic Developer Champion Program.

Almost a year ago, we launched New Relic One, as an open, connected platform that allows users to access all of their data in one location. With the launch of programmability, New Relic One became the first observability platform that allows developers to build on top of it.

Using New Relic One, teams can create innovative, custom solutions to fill small gaps or to curate their data in ways that allow them to solve significant problems in their organizations. As part of our promise with New Relic One, we’re building an ecosystem that puts developers first, which is why we have launched the New Relic Developer Champion Program.

Led by the New Relic Developer Advocacy team, the New Relic Developer Champion Program invites developers using New Relic One to an exclusive, one-year role as a Developer Champion. This is an invitation-only program and a user must be nominated by their team member, a member of the developer community, or a New Relic account team.

To be accepted into the program we are targeting customers that:

  • Have big/systemic problems that they need to solve where New Relic’s platform is uniquely positioned to be a central force and/or linchpin in their solution strategy
  • And have a desire to raise the profile of their work (corporately and professionally) in a way that leads a solution conversation w/in their respective field
  • Believe that achieving both of those outcomes can be best accomplished through “open first” tactics (i.e. open-source or open conversation in blogs and discussions)

As a benefit of being a Developer Champion, New Relic provides Champions unique access to our Developer Advocacy team and the resources of our product organization as well as specialized recognition and rewards.

During your period as a Developer Champion, you will receive:

  • Formal, specialized access to the New Relic Product organization for input and support through the Developer Advocacy team
  • Champions have a red bat phone to the New Relic’s Developer Ecosystem team
  • Custom badge to wear with pride at events and other swag items
  • Public recognition on the New Relic Developer website and badging in the New Relic Explorers Hub as a Champion
  • Exclusive Champion-only SWAG
  • Early access program for some of our products (under NDA)
  • Priority access to offsite FutureHack events (including when Lew is participating)
  • Increased Explorer’s Hub support SLA
  • Access to private Developer Champion Explorer’s Hub group

Developers and practitioners who are passionate about building and extending the use New Relic are invited to apply to the Developer Champion Program. Membership is based on a nomination process and is a 1-year commitment. We are excited to partner with you and highlight the amazing solutions you are creating with New Relic.