Introductory/Beginner/Educate-Me question

Please paste the [permalink][1] to the page in question below: (There is no permalink on INSIGHTS page for some reason.)

Am NRQL querying for something like PageView:

SELECT * FROM PageView …criteria…), but the only two choices that come up are Transaction and TransactionError.

Is this because PageViews <==> Browser, and our browsers are ‘hidden’ in a private network and so the data can’t get out to be published to Insights?

We want to find/create a list page requests in a given timeframe, that includes the URLs’ query strings.

is this simply “open up your browser/FW to allow the injected monitoring javascript sniplet to do its job”?


Hi @ross_x_mohan: Assuming that the snippet is being injected into your browser pages: you should ensure that the application in the Browser view has been activated. I’ve missed this step a couple of times.

You would then need to open the site in a browser to get the PageViews in Insights. You can check the Browser view to ensure traffic is coming through prior to crafting your NRQL. As a head start you can check the NRQL Library for some examples.

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