Invalid license key in new account free

I’v just created the account and tried to add an app using the tutorial and the newrelic agent. the error is bellow. How do I proceed?
2020-11-19T16:44:54,706-0300 [8450 42] com.newrelic ERROR: Received a ForceDisconnectException: com.newrelic.agent.ForceDisconnectException: Invalid license key. The agent is no longer reporting information. If this is not a misconfiguration, please contact

Hi Andre,

Invalid license key errors are nearly always caused by either a bad copy/paste of the License key in the newrelic.yml or the newrelic.yml file is badly formatted. Yml files are very picky when it comes to spacing so I suggest:

A) Make sure you have the correct license key New Relic - Find License Key

B) Verify the yml file is valid by carefully checking tabs or run the yml file through something like Yaml Lint

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Thanks for your reply!
I double checked the license key in the right up of the page then after double check I copied and pasted it again
About the YAML, I did a scp in the file from my computer to my server instead of control+c/control+v

Same problem

Hi Andre,

Sorry to hear you’re still having issues! If it were me, I would go through the steps in New Relic again to rule out formatting issues.

  • APM Tab > Get Started > Java and re-download the newrelic.yml file.

That way you’ll know that the license key and formatting are correct. Fingers crossed that will fix it!