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iOS Symbolicated was false



I have uploaded(Manually uploading the dSYM) dsym for my app for the build.
The crash is not being symbolicated.

“dsym UUID matched but Symbolicated was false”


@flashlaw - do you have a link to the crash in question here?
Thanks in advance.


I have two crash link.




Hi @flashlaw

Thanks for bringing this to our attention - we’re aware of a current issue that is causing dSYMs to not correctly symbolicate crashes in our UI. Our product engineering team is working to resolve this issue, and in the interim, I have a workaround that should do the trick. Rather than using the manual option from the UI or the cURL command, we’ve found that the Python script NewRelicAgent.framework/Resources/ "DSYM_ARCHIVE_PATH" "YOUR_NEW_RELIC_APPLICATION_TOKEN" is working as anticipated right now. I hope this helps you out; let me know if this issue persists and we’ll try and update this post upon resolution of this issue.


I have already uploaded from Python it but it does not work.[end]=1548149262.571&tw[start]=1540200462.571&timeType=ending-now


I wanted to take a moment to let you know that our dSYM upload process is now working as intended. While this will not retroactively process any dSYMs you previously tried to upload, you should have no problems with this process moving forward. To confirm, this means that the drag and drop in the UI, the cURL command, and the Python script are all available for use.