IronMQ + New Relic

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Hi. I’m trying to configure New Relic to monitor our message queue service (IronMQ). IronMQ had an integration with New Relic before. We have a ruby script that retrieves IronMQ statistics (queue size, message rate) and sends this info to New Relic. Unfortunately, I’m not able to find the graph in New Relic UI.

Here is a piece of ruby script we’re running:
require ‘newrelic_platform’
@new_relic = => {LICENCE_KEY},
:guid => ‘’,
:version => ‘2’)
collector = @new_relic.new_collector
component = collector.component(‘Queues’)

component.add_metric “Total”, ‘messages’, total
component.add_metric “Size”, ‘messages’, size

If there is a plan we need to subscribe to in order to get this integration, please let me know. Thanks.

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