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Is Ajax-timing exposed to the page's javascript context?



Is Ajax-timing exposed to the page’s javascript context?

Is the ajax timing information exposed, or can it be exposed to the page via javascript? For context, what I want to do is have my own custom monitor built on top of New Relic that warns users when they are having ajax timing issues.

  • Share what method you used to deploy Browser (APM or copy/paste): any

  • Which version are you using? (Lite, Pro or SPA): Pro/SPA


While the Browser agent doesn’t actively conceal AJAX timing, it’s not really designed to expose it during the life of the page. You’d probably have to spend some time with a debugger to find the right parts of the minified agent. However, I would recommend using something like the timeout on XHR or another timeout callback to check to see if you should be warning users.