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Is anyone else annoyed by how narrow the account dropdown has become?



When New Relic One was released the account dropdown became so narrow that it can’t even display the name of the account or sub-account.



Hi @Larry.Collicott - a small detail, but certainly an annoying one. Thanks for pointing it out, I’ll get that sent off the right team :slight_smile:


And another thing… :grin: (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

Clicking either of these does the same thing:


Thanks Larry - we will continue to pass the feedback to the teams. I appreciate you sharing what you find!


Psst! You didn’t hear this from me, but you can use a tool like Stylish to override the CSS of a website with your own. Add the following code to a custom stylesheet:

.link.entity_search {
  width: 0        !important;
  display: none	  !important;
#account_nav {
  min-width: 20em !important;
#primary_header nav:not(.product_switcher)>ul>li .dropdown_content.wanda {
  left: -1px      !important;

…et, voila!



YES, that narrowing and truncating of the account name is VERY annoying. In my group we have many client sub-accounts, usually with client name and then “prod” or “preprod” or DevQA. When I can only see the client name or the beginning of it, it’s hard to keep track of which sub-account I am in for that client.


Thanks for sharing your feedback @szymansm - I’ll get that sent to the right team internally.