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Is Continuous Delivery more like Sporadic Delivery for you?


DevOps teams frequently look to Continuous Delivery as the gold standard for how to deploy quality code fast and frequently. My experience with a lot of DevOps teams has been that Continuous Delivery is little like Agile. Which is to say that there are very few truly Agile teams and a lot of Agile-ish teams. And there are very few teams who really achieve Continuous Delivery. It’s more like almost-continuous or pretty-often.

How about you? Tell us more about how your team does Continuous Delivery:

  • We’re a CD machine. It’s like the Matrix up in here!
  • We deploy more than we used to now that we use CD
  • Deploys happen when they happen

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If you’re team isn’t a code deploying machine, what’s keeping you from getting there? A recent DZone article covers six common challenges to Continuous Delivery. Which apply to you? You can choose as many as apply to you!

  • Tight deadlines and research schedules
  • Poor communication across teams
  • Infrastructure cost
  • Poor testing
  • Open source confusion
  • Over reliance on automation

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What else? How happy are you with your implementation of Continuous Delivery? What advice would share?