Is DevOps a Unicorn?

I saw this tweet earlier this week and and laugh/cried:

I laughed in that Homer Simpson way: It’s funny cuz it’s true! But then I had a little cry (more of a long sigh) because. It’s true!

Here at New Relic, we 1,000% believe in the cloud. But we also know that the cloud transition is not exactly rainbows for everyone. It’s messy, and dirty. It feels less like disruption and more like destruction when you’re in the middle of it. Luckily, there are DevOps unicorns out there to ride to rescue and transform the mess back into rainbows, right?

We also believe 1,000% that DevOps matters. But we know it isn’t magic. What you do every day to make your cloud environments sparkle with rainbows is hard work - plain and simple. AmIRight?

So tell us - how did this cartoon do? Did it nail the plight of the DevOps unicorn in the cloud? Why or why not? And what’s your favorite DevOps meme?

  • Nailed it - this is my life
  • Nope. Just Nope.
  • I have mixed feelings about this.

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