Is it necessary to install a PostgreSQL agent for collecting RDS logs?

I want to send AWS RDS(PostgreSQL)'s CloudWatch Logs to New Relic. It’s okay to send log group data to NR directly. Is it necessary to install New Relic agent to PostgreSQL(or create a PostgreSQL user inside DB)?

If send AWS ECS logs to New Relic, we have to install New Relic agent inside container to ensure the logs’ unicode is UTF-8.

Hello @miantianlai ,

Here is a summary of requirements:

We have a New Relic Level Up Relic Solutions which can help you with this process: AWS RDS Example

I hope this helps.

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Thank you for your answer. It’s true that installing an agent can get all the metric and log data.
But if collect log only, and the log has already been sent to CloudWatch on AWS, I think it’s also good to sent to New Relic via Kinesis Stream.

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