Is it possible to include others scripts or files to reuse code in Synthetics Scripts

Hey everybody!
I am creating scripted API scripts in synthetics which first make a request to a url to obtain the token that will be used for testing the urls. I have to do the same for a big list of urls and I was thinking that it would be good to be able to reuse the code because if we need to change something in the method that gets the access_token we will have to change it for all the scripts. Is there a way to reuse code between scripts?

Hi, @alejo.moreira: If you are using a private minion, you should be able to add your common script to the minion image and require() it like any other node module.

If you are using public monitoring locations, it is not possible to include custom modules. You may find this workaround helpful:

Hey @philweber!
I will look at the options you gave me to see which one I can use for my case.
Thank you!

Let us know how that goes for you @alejo.moreira!