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Is it possible to monitor a single process on a given server?


As per title. I don’t see how to do this. Thanks.


Unfortunately this is not currently possible.

If the server agent is going to be upgraded then this is a really useful feature.


Hi, @jeff.kolesnikowicz: Can you provide more information about what you mean by “monitor”? If your server runs Unix and you simply want to monitor that a particular process is running, Seth Schwartzman’s Unix plugin may meet your needs:

If you’re using Windows, or you need details about the resources consumed by particular process, you may need to create your own plugin; the process is documented here:


I mean, I want to monitor a process to see if it behaves improperly. I have a process that occasionally hangs and needs to be restarted. Before it hangs, the CPU usage spikes. I want to monitor that to see if it happens.


OK. New Relic’s server monitor can detect a CPU spike at the OS-level, and you can see a CPU spike for a particular process on the Processes dashboard:

But it doesn’t look like server monitor exposes the CPU usage of individual processes as a metric value, so there’s no way to trigger an alert without using a plugin.