Is it possible to store data in Australia?

Hi All,

Is there a way to set up NR account and store all metrics/logs in Australia?
Because I have seen US or EUR only during the account creation. Are these the only options?

Hi @michael.nazli :wave:! Welcome to our Explorers Hub! Your choice of data centre is not limited by your geographic location. You can choose to create an account with data hosted in either the EU or US region, regardless of where you or your systems reside. You can also create accounts in each region.

You can reference the below link from our DOC’s for more information on this.

Our EU and US region data centers | New Relic Documentation

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Actually, my question is other way around. Yes, I can select EU or US or both. I wanna know if I store out data here in Australia only or not? As we are bound by some governenance/standards, our data cannot leave Australia.

Hi @michael.nazli, allow me to clarify! Currently, we only have the options of data centres located in EU and US regions. I hope this information helps. Thank you!