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Is it possible to update where attributed based on dashboard filter




I have NRQL something like this.

SELECT average(duration) FROM SyntheticCheck WHERE monitorName=‘ABC’ FACET locationLabel since 1 day ago TIMESERIES

Now in my dashboard I have filter on monitor name so if I change monitor name in filter so it should update NRQL, can we do so with current functionality or any other option availble.



Hi, @Nikhil.Anand: Dashboard filters can add a WHERE clause to a NRQL query, but they cannot modify an existing WHERE clause. In order to allow filtering of your dashboard, you must omit a WHERE clause from your query:

SELECT average(duration) FROM SyntheticCheck 
FACET locationLabel SINCE 1 day ago TIMESERIES

Another option is to add a widget to the dashboard that facets by monitor name:

SELECT average(duration) FROM SyntheticCheck 
FACET monitorName SINCE 1 day ago

Then link the monitorName widget to your dashboard, so that selecting a monitor name filters the dashboard by that name:

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Thanks Phil , will try to tune my usecase based on Facets.