Is the dataset collected to Insight full or sampled?

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select a,b,c,d,e,f FROM Transaction limit 600

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If i query the insights with a query similar to above, is the return dataset includes the last 600 event records? or is the data just 600 sample data?

Hi, @jimmypm: New Relic Insights’ default time window is 60 minutes. So the query in your example will return the most recent Transaction events for the past 60 minutes, up to 600 events. Query results are never sampled.

Hi, first of all thanks for your quick response.

How about on the collection site?

If I am collecting some custom transactions parameters in my web application (Java wise i am using NewRelic.addCustomParameter), but my web application has a very high request rate, it serves 200K requests per minutes. Is the collection of data sampled or limited in this case?

Thank you for your reply.

The APM agents harvest data once per minute. The max_samples_stored configuration setting dictates how many Transaction events the agent should store per one-minute harvest cycle.

Some important notes about this setting:

  • While there is no fixed upper limit to the max_samples_stored setting, setting it higher than 10K will yield no improvement, as you’ll hit a soft limit imposed by rules in the Insights event ingest service.

  • The higher the number of samples you are storing, the larger the file size of aggregated metric and event data for that minute’s harvest. The larger the file size, the more costly the performance overhead of the monitoring agent becomes. We do not recommend increasing this threshold by a large amount in a production environment without first testing in your staging environment under a realistic load.

Effectively, Insights can collect about 10K events per minute. If you send more than that, you will indeed get a sample.

I see. Thank you for your clarification~~