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Is there a .dll version of the C++ Agent SDK?



I am looking to integrate the Agent SDK on our C++ project. We are using Windows and Visual Studio so we are looking for the .dll compiled version of the SDK source.

So far, I’ve only found the .so version.


@lteng -

There isn’t a Windows versions of the Agent SDK - I wish I had better news.

I would recommend creating a feature idea for Agent SDK support on Windows here.



@Tjd is it possible to create our own version of a C++ agent? I mean essentially, it’s just bunch of network calls, no? Just wondering. Thanks


@lteng - We don’t advertise the protocols needed to construct a first class agent so that’s not feasible :slight_smile:

One idea would be to collect data via Insights event API. That’s obviously not as clean as having an agent do the work for you but it does open up some possibilities.