Is there a limit of 3000 metric names that can be returned from v2/applications/.../metrics.json?


Is there a limit to the number of metric names that can be returned from v2/applications/…/metrics.json? When we call it, the largest result that we receive is exactly 30 full pages (or 3000 total metrics) per application. We’ve found several applications have a result lower than this, but none have a result higher, and these are suspiciously round numbers. Just checking.


Hi Rebecca

There is, in fact, a limit which you have discovered, however, it was not intentional and there is an open report on this. Our developers are working toward a correction for this.

In the interim I would suggest using the filter, if possible, to look at subsets of the total list of metrics. Note that this is a simple character match, not regex.

curl -X GET ‘{application_id}/metrics.json
-H ‘X-Api-Key:{api_key}’ -i
-G -d ‘name={metric_name]’

Explorer link

If you are looking for specific metrics this can substantially reduce the listing. If you are looking for metrics you see in the dashboard but are not certain what the name is, let us know where you see them (Permalink prefered) and we can help you find it.

There are also numerous examples in the documentation.

Thanks for your reply. Can you give any information about when the issue will be corrected?

No set-in-stone timeline yet, @rkt! Keep an eye on this thread—either @Limey or I will update you as soon as we hear word!

The problem that was causing a limit to be imposed on the metric name list requests has been corrected.

It is still recommended that you access specific names, when you can, rather than acquire them all. This reduces the amount of time and load on the database and reduces the chance that you will encounter Overload protection 429 errors.

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