Is there a Logs Ingestion API?

I would like to visualize the amount of log data New Relic is ingesting (per application, if possible). This would help us to not go over our daily quota and give us an idea of when an application starts sending copious amounts of logs. Is there an API for querying the amount of data being sent to NR Logs?

Hi @chase.thompson-baugh - You may find the post below useful.

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Thanks for that great suggestion @stefan_garnham! Let us know if that does not get you sorted @chase.thompson-baugh.

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This is what I was looking for. Thank you!

New question: Is there a way to see the amount of Logs data being ingested per application? Using the NRQL query to get usage doesn’t have a dimension for facet’ing the results out by application.

You can add FACET apmAppName to your query. Although you probably also want to add WHERE apmAppName IS NOT NULL so you only get APM Audit events.

@chase.thompson-baugh Let us know how that works out for you! Thanks @stefan_garnham for the suggestion :smiley:

If I add FACET apmAppName to my query, I don’t see any change to the results. Heres the current query I’m working with:
SELECT rate(SUM(usage), 1 day) as usage FROM NrDailyUsage, NrUsage WHERE `productLine` = 'Logs' AND `metric` = 'BytesSaved' TIMESERIES 1 day FACET consumingAccountName, apmAppName SINCE '2020-11-01 00:00:00 -0600' UNTIL '2020-11-09 00:00:00 -0600' LIMIT 7

@stefan_garnham, could you provide a sample query where adding the apmAppName facet works?

It is probably the LIMIT 7 that you have on your query. I do not work for New Relic so I cannot access your account to check the data.

That doesn’t appear to be the issue. The problem is that NrDailyUsage and NrUsage don’t have a FACET for apmAppName and the FACET result is null.