Is there a way to disable NR from closing the incidents automatically?

I would like to close the incidents manually, rather than that the incidents been close automatically

Hello @monitoring.resmed -

Thanks so much for sharing your question with us. It sounds like your alerts incidents are automatically closing, but you would like to do so manually. That is definitely possible. This documentation explains why and how incidents are closed
automatically and how you can override that to manually close incidents.

Please let me know if that does not get you the answer you need.

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I have seen this doc page and I undestood how and when incidents automatically close and I am also aware of how to manually close them. However, I couldn’t acknowledge a way to disable automatically closing the incidents, so I have to close them myself. If you could give me more details on that, it would be great.

Thanks for your quick reply

Hi, @monitoring.resmed: It is not possible to prevent New Relic from automatically closing incidents.

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