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Is there a Way to get the NR .Net agent server list using NR insights



I don’t see any event source data to get NR .Net agent server details , could you please tell me a way to get all the list of servers apart from the connected agents url ({account id}/agents)

I can get the same details for Infra agents server list using systemsample event source using NR insights


Hi, @manojkumar_tenali: Try this query:

SELECT uniqueCount(appName) 
FROM Transaction 
WHERE appName IN ('Your', '.NET', 'Application', 'Names')
SINCE 1 day ago FACET host


Hi Philweber,

I’m not talking about appnames, i would want to see the .Net agent installed list of servers with instance id’s of the server along with hostnames as our Applications are hosted in AWS.
I could able to get the same details for NR Infra agent using “Systemsample” event data source from insights as below

SELECT uniquecount(agentVersion) FROM SystemSample where providerAccountName=‘accountname’ FACET agentVersion,ec2Tag_Environment,hostname,ec2InstanceId limit 300

I couldn’t see any details regarding the same in “Transaction” event data source .

I would want to see same info for .Net agent list as well.


APM agents (including the .NET agent) monitor applications, not servers. By default, the only host data they record is the name of the host on which a transaction was executed.

If you are able to obtain the desired information in your application code, you may add it to Transaction events as custom attributes.