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Is there a way to "join" a custom event with the transaction?


Hello how are you? I hope you are doing awesome.
I was hoping that there was a way to “join” custom events with the Transaction. This is because I can have 2 widgets, one for some Transaction attributes and other for some of the attributes of the custom event, and then link them to facets to filter them using the Insights dashboard.

Thank you!


Hi, @guido.celada: As you probably know, Insights does not support true joins. In order for your custom events to not disappear when you filter your dashboard on a Transaction attribute, you will have to include those attributes in your custom event.

If your custom event shares an attribute with Transaction, you may be able to do this:

SELECT attr1, attr2, name FROM CustomEvent, Transaction


oh ok, so from the code side maybe I will need to create some layer to put all the transaction data into the custom event before the transaction ends.


Yes, if not all the transaction data, then at least the attributes you’ll be filtering on (with matching attribute names to maintain the filter link)

Let us know how you get on with this.